How to prioritize leads in an outbound dialer campaign

Christina Dechent
Christina Dechent
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The outbound dialer allows you to specify the order in which the leads on an outbound dialer list should be called. This can be very helpful if you want to upload leads to a list during live operations which should be called sooner than leads that are already on the list. 

To make use of this functionality, babelforce now offers a list attribute called "List order". This attribute allows you to define the order in which the leads should be called.

There are 4 ways to order leads on a list:

  1. UP - select the last leads loaded onto the list table (default)
  2. DOWN - select the first leads loaded onto the list table 
  3. UP RANK - the lead with the highest rank is called first 
  4. DOWN RANK - the lead with the lowest rank is called first 



If you want to order the list by "rank", just choose either "UP RANK" or "DOWN RANK" and add the rank attribute to the dialer list. It could look like this: 



The type of the rank attribute is small integer (5) - so the rank range is - 32,768 to 32,767

Please be aware that the dialer will not compare the rank of the newly uploaded lead with those leads that are already loaded into the hopper.
For example, imagine the hopper size is 20; then the 20 leads which are currently in the hopper will be called first, before the next batch of leads with the highest prio is loaded into the hopper. You can check how many leads are currently in the hopper by heading to Reporting > Outbound  in the manager app. 


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