Troubleshooting embedded babelConnect: stale version loaded from cache

When the babelConnect agent application is running as an embedded app inside other systems, babelforce relies on the 3rd-party integrator to manage certain aspects of babelConnect's environment.

Occasionally, this can fail and users can get into a state where their browser is loading an stale (old) version of babelConnect from the browser's cache storage. If you suspect this is happening, there is a way to force-disable this cache and load the latest version.

Note: the following steps describe the process for the Google Chrome browser. You can find instructions for other browsers by searching 'How to disable cache for Firefox' for example.

Steps to fix

  • Navigate to the site where the stale babelConnect is embedded
  • Right-click anywhere on the page and select Inspect from the menu. A new pane will open within the page.
  • In this new pane at the top, click on the Network tab
  • Now click the Disable cache checkbox
  • Reload the page

This image shows the location of the tab and checkbox:


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