Kustomer - Lookup enduser and push their profile when the call is bridged

Christina Dechent
Christina Dechent
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babelforce allows you to look up end-users in Kustomer based on the caller number. If the caller does not exist in the Kustomer account yet, babelforce can create a new one for you. Once the call is bridged, babelforce can pop open the customer timeline in Kustomer.

To achieve this, you need to add two global automations to your manager account which we will look at in this article: 

  1. look up end-user

  2. pop customer profile


To add these automations, first go to the section Integrated processes > Global automations:

1. Let's first look at the automation look up end-user:


As the screenshot shows, we need use the event Inbound Call. Choose the action Lookup end-user and the trigger Call is inbound. Next, choose your Kustomer integration from the drop-down menu and toggle the switch create if none found if you want to create a new customer in case the caller does not exist in your system yet: 


2. Now, let's configure the automation to pop up the customer timeline: 


For this automation, use the event call bridged and the action pop customer profile. Set the trigger Call is outbound (no Browser Phone). 

If you want to pop up the timeline of the calling customer, then just leave the Customer ID as predefined by babelforce: 


That's it! You can now lookup end-users in Kustomer and pop up their profiles!


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