How to find transferred calls

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If agents use BabelConnect and you would like to see calls that were transferred, both to internal as well as to external sources you can do so on the Babelforce Manager app.

  • On your Babelforce Manager app click on Reporting, a subsequent window will appear, then click on Calls. 

  • Now you’ll see the Call reporting window.

  • Then select the filter Source > from call transfer. See Pic below.

  • Now you'll see all calls that were transferred. The From number is the client's number, the To number is the target number. 

  • To find out which agents initiated the transfer, you must search for the From number and check which agent was connected to this particular customer at that time.

    • You can also see whether a call was transferred externally or internally, on the filter Domain just choose Internal Call or External Call. 
    • You can also identify by looking at the little circle icon on the left hand side of the screen right under Type/domain/source, 1 circle represents external  and 2 circles represents internal. See GIF below.




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