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Use case

Customers call your service regularly and you want to ensure that they receive the best possible service. To measure customer satisfaction, you want to send out an after call survey SMS. However, to ensure a higher reply rate you only want to send the SMS only once per month.

Suggestion for implementing this case

As always, there are many ways to implement this case, here we want to focus on a solution by using Zendesk.

A couple of things you need to keep in mind: 

  • babelforce does not know how many SMS you sent to a particular customer and why. That's why you have a CRM or help center. 
  • Also, babelforce does not know your customers, you and your system.
  • Therefore, whatever system you use you will need to retrieve the data from there and use it to make decisions within babelforce.

The graph below shows one example how this could be implemented.

You start by looking up your customer within Zendesk (make sure to have Zendesk V2 set up as an integration).

There are two parts that need to be integrated:

  1. The lookup in your system to check if a SMS was already send this month
  2. In case there was no SMS sent to this customer, send an SMS and creating a ticket after the SMS was sent

That's the five Global Automations we will be building:


Sending the SMS and getting a record of it into Zendesk

We need to start with 2. as your lookup will depend on how you setup your Zendesk SMS record.

Before we get the record into Zendesk, set up a global automation for sending the SMS that fires on call finished. Most importantly, you will need to set a relevant trigger. The trigger should check if "is call from mobile" and "is call type inbound" are given. The third condition is is not given. This  variable will be filled by the Zendesk lookup which will setup later. Please ensure to activate the Expert Mode to enter the variable.



You can of course add any other condition (call from number, etc.). The SMS automation could look like this:


Now that you send out the SMS, you need to create a ticket in Zendesk. That's how you could achieve this:

On the event "SMS Sent" Set two Global Automations:

  1. One is looking up the customer by phone number (zendesk_v2 Look up end-user). You need this to assign the SMS to the right user
  2. The other, following the first, creates a ticket within Zendesk

The first one is easy enough, we will not further explain it. The second one we explain below.

To create the ticket in Zendesk, you should set some kind of dynamic identifier that tells you that the customer already received a survey this month. You could for instance print the year and the month in the subject (that is very easy to look up).


How do you achieve this?

Our expression {core.currentDate} returns a date in this format: YYY-MM-DD. All you have to do is strip the string of the last two digits. That's how you do this:


This is how your Create ticket settings could look like:




Make sure you fill the requester id field with the variable {}, otherwise the SMS won't be attached to the user an therefore not found when babelforce searches for it.

If you want, you can also fill in any field or group.

That's it for the 2nd part. Let's move on to the 1st.

Looking up the SMS ticket

Once again, you need two automations:

  1. Again, a zendesk_v2 Look up end-user
  2. The other creates a ticket within Zendesk

The 1st fires on Call is Inbound. You need to run this lookup as the second automation will only work, if a customer is found.

For the second automation, firing on call bridged, you create a global Automation for Zendesk V2 that is called "Find end-user's ticket & related information" (most other integrations have this search feature as well if you are interested in having this realized in a different system). Please be aware, this automation will only work if an end-user was found. 

Most important in the settings is the Additional search team which uses the same logic in the variable we described above. That's the search term to find tickets created above:

subject:"Survey SMS {time.currentDate|substr:0:6}"

This mean, when babelforce sends out a request to Zendesk the search would be subject:"Survey SMS 2020-09" if the current month is September. It just takes the first 7 characters of the current date 


If the result comes back positive, these expressions will be filled (and more, but they won't be relevant):

  • {}
  • {}

Find out more about Zendesk V2 variables here.

That's it. Find a few tips how to test this best below.

Testing the setup

  • Call your hotline, bridge to an agent - a SMS should be send and you should find a Zendesk ticket
  • Call again with the same mobile - no SMS should be send
  • Call form a landline - no SMS should be send
  • Delete the SMS ticket in Zendesk, call again - a SMS should be send

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