Managing your dashboards via our API

In the first two articles of this chapter we provided you with some general information on our dashboards and some ideas of how to structure your own. Also, we immersed into the technical bit explaining how to build our first own dashboard with JSON.

In this article we will close the circle and cover how to upload new dashboards and change user rights via our dashboard API endpoints. If you didn't hear about APIs or API endpoints yet, we suggest you reading this article.

Now, let's look our babelforce dashboard enpoints:


The first endpoint you see in the screenshot returns id, name and url of all of your configured dashboards. The other 4 endpoints are used to view and add users to a dashboad, and to add or delete a dashboard. To view the endpoints in detail please visit our "Manager API" in our API documentation. You find it here:


To be able to upload the JSON file and show the dashboard, the JSON file needs to be hosted by one of the following providers:

These are the ones which are whitelisted by babelforce. If you want to use another tool, please contact our support team via

Once you stored your JSON, you can upload it via the POST request "Add a new dashboard configuration" providing the following data:

"name": "foo",
"url": ""

 Once you uploaded the dashboard, it is automatically added to the list of already existing babelforce dashboards. If you want to have a closer look at where to find them, click here to read our help center article on the topic.

Any dashboard is only visible to managers per default. If you want to enable a reporter to view the dashboard you can add them via our endpoint "Grant user permission to use a dashboard configuration". Therefore, you have to provide their email address in the body, like this:

"email": ""

Great, we covered the whole topic of the babelforce dashboards. Feel free to play around with your newly acquired knowledge and don't hesitate to contact us via should you have any remaining questions.

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