How to configure pipedrive click-to-call callto and tel links

Christina Dechent
Christina Dechent
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It takes 1 minute to setup your Pipedrive to use advanced click-to-call features with pipedrive.

In your pipedrive account go to:

Settings > Company settings > General > Default calling method

Then set the "Default calling method" to use "tel:" syntax. It should look like this:


That's all. If you now use the babelConnect Chrome Extension while you are in Pipedrive all the phone numbers will have a special "Call with babelforce" link, like this:


This will also bring with it any other advanced features:

  • You can control whether calls start immediately or whether agents get to set the outbound display number or perform other pre-call tasks. 

Here is an article on how to install and configure the babelforce chrome extension.

Video on babelforce click-to-call


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