API requirements for adding inbound SMS providers

babelforce can receive inbound SMS from any provider that support sending the inbound messages over https. Many operators and providers are already integrated.

To include a new operator for inbound SMS, they will need to have a method to send us over https the details. We support all standard approaches for both pre-merged SMS and non-merged multipart SMS (i.e. where we merge on our side).

For example, for every inbound SMS the operator could send over https with the parameters: 
to number (the inbound number for your service)
from number (the sender number)
text content
If the message is to be merged by us, then in addition there will be parameters indicating the following:
multipart True
multipart ID / transaction ID per part
multipart number per part
total number of parts
There might be other parameters also (operator specific IDs, type, etc.) but these are not vital to the core functionality.
The actual name of the parameters, format, etc. doesn't matter. We will just need the info on this, so that we can integrate with us.
We only integrate providers and operators with high quality of delivery and good handling or errors and delivery receipts.

Tell us about the inbound operator or provider you are thinking about using and we'll be happy to advise.

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