The agent overview dashboard

One of the babelforce default Dashboards was developed to monitor the presence states of your agents more closely, showing both available and unavailable agents. Let's jump into it:

Agent presence:

Besides showing the agents who are currently available to take calls, the "agent overview", the Dashboard also provides room for the busy agents, adding them to a separate widget. The screenshot bellows shows you where you find the dashboard:


It shows the following additional agent presence widgets:

  1. Historical overview of how much time agents spent in a specific busy state today. This can be “Busy” or any other custom status you define (but you would need to adjust the JSON to see anything else but "Busy".
  2. Historical overview of how much time agents spent in the status “Available” today.
  3. Overview of the current presence state of the agents (available, busy or any other custom busy status) active today.

In all three widgets you see a timestamp indicating when the presence state was entered.


Let’s have a look at an example:

In the screenshot above, you see that Katrin has been available the whole morning until 09:12 AM when she turned “unbelievably busy”. Christina has been busy until 08:34 and is available since then. Agent 1 switched from busy to available at 09:44 am. Our test agent is busy since this morning.

Please note that these timestamps are currently displayed in UTC.

In case you want to keep an overview of the busy and available times of your agents and include one of these widgets in your custom Dashboards, just let us know and we can arrange a success package. If you want to build them yourself just head over to our basic introduction on the babelforce Dashboards to find out how to adjust and write the JSONs for the Dashboards.

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