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Christina Dechent
Christina Dechent
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Agents can transfer incoming calls to other agents or to a queue. 

IMPORTANT: Users will only see agents in the list that have the presence stat "AVAILABLE".


Agents can also transfer calls to any external destination.

This is how you find and use the transfer feature:

  • click on the icon with the person


  • click in the field "Select contact/application"
  • If you want to forward the call to another agent or have it put back to a call application: search for the person or queue by typing a name or a number and select the result
  • If you want to transfer the call to an external destination, just type the number (including the country code)
  • confirm the transfer by clicking on the arrow next to the search field


If a transfer is not possible (this could happen if the person you want to transfer the call to just received a call and is busy) you will see an error message

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