How to use click-to-call to make calls from Zendesk

If you have already installed and integrated the babelConnect app in Zendesk, your babelConnect app will automatically grab the phone number of a user profile you are looking at and put it in the "Call to" field.


"Call to" - is the number that you will call.

The app automatically fills the "Call to" field with the number displayed in the contact field "direct line Phone" of the user you are viewing, even if you are just viewing a ticket of this customer. This enables you to directly call and solve an issue at hand quickly and without searching and copy pasting the number.

"Display number" - is the number that you will display to the person you call.

The field will allow you to select the numbers you have available in your babelforce account. So, agents can display the main hotline number or select another line if you have several in your account.

 "My device number" - the phone number of your phone device

If you are not using a browser phone, you will have to enter a phone number the babelConnect app can call. Usually, this is agent ID number (SIP ID) which is connected to a softphone (find further reading here).



Now, if a call comes in, you simply accept that first "leg" of the call on your softphone before the call is placed to the person you want to reach.

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