Callbacks with an automated outbound dialer

Christina Dechent
Christina Dechent
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Imagine you have a customer calling your hotline, but all your agents are busy. You already know that you won't be able to answer the customer's call within the next 2 minutes. So why let the customer wait? Why not leave your customer their precious time, save their phone number and have them called back, as soon as an agent is free? And why not do all of this 100% automated, no clicking, scrolling through tickets and typing numbers into a phone?

babelforce offers you the great possibility to implement automated customer callbacks by using the Outbound Dialer. In this article, we walk you through the setup.

All you need:

  • 1 Input Reader with a freely defined variable
  • 1 Trigger that checks whether the variable applies
  • 1 Automation that uploads the lead automatically to your callback list

Input Reader

Add an Input Reader to your call flow and name the variable, e.g., "Callback".




In our scenario, the customer requested a callback by pressing 1. In other words, the variable Callback = 1 if a callback is wanted. To use this response, we need to build a Trigger that tests the input.





Sending the callback request to the OBD list via an Automation


To complete the process, you only need to create one more Automation. Select the Action "Upload lead to list", the Event "Call finished" and the Trigger you created above. Select the babelforce integration and a List ID (by heading to Outbound > Lists and copying the UID).

Great, you're done! Whenever a customer is requesting a callback by pressing 1, their number will automatically be added to the lead list.


Integrating the process

Next, you need to enable your team for the Outbound Dialer. Therefore, please get in touch with babelforce. We will help you with the setup.

Once everything is set up, your team members can enter the Outbound Campaign. To learn how they enter the campaign, have a look at this article. Now, whenever a new callback request was made and if one of you agents is available, they will automatically be connected to the customer who requested the callback if the customer answers the callback.

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