Escalating incoming calls to another team

Christina Dechent
Christina Dechent
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For many companies it is important to have calls answered swiftly and smoothly. At the same time, internal processes and call reasons might be very complex. But companies don't always want to guide their callers through an endless IVR.

One option is to have 1st level agents take all incoming calls like an answer service (this role could even be filled by outsourcing partners). This team is trained to solve most requests but also knows exactly when a caller requires the support of a specialized team.

But instead of having to forward the caller to another agent directly or even worse, tell the customer to call another phone number, let the system take care of distributing the call to the 2nd level team. With babelforce, you can simply forward the call to another (and specialized) queue. This way your agents don't need to know who's available from the other team and you have a professional workflow. If you want, you can even let the customer know that they will be connected to the specialized agent.

And of course, as you can see in the graph below, you can have the call-ticket that was created for the call and filled by the 1st level agent pushed to the 2nd level agent. If your system doesn't have this option you can also have the 2nd level agent see the call reason and other notes made by the first level agent in the customer's account.



To give you some more details, that's what you could do in babelforce to implement this scenario:

  • Create one call flow that is connected to an incoming number and have your 1st level agents added to the queue
  • Create as many Automatic Call Distribution App Modules and queues as you have escalation levels and enable the 2nd - n queues for call transfer
  • Alternatively, you can tag calls according to the escalation level and use queue selections (another way for distributing calls to the right team).
  • Make sure to tag each agent for the skill (some might be able to do multiple escalation levels).

To have tickets creation automatized, you should integrate babelforce with your CRM or helpdesk. Therefore, have a look at our chapter on integrations which gives an overview which integrations are offered by babelforce and how they can be set up and used.

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