How can I use a localized language version of a babelforce video on youtube?

Christina Dechent
Christina Dechent
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If you want to use one of our videos for your customers or your users in a different language, then you can configure the subtitle language when you embed the video or when you share the URL.

How to display subtitles when the video is played

Assuming that the subtitles are already available in your language, you can simply have them displayed by default like this:
For example, this URL will automatically display the Swedish subtitles:
With "hl=1" you can also set the interface language:
Youtube developer reference on these parameters:

What if my language is not available yet?

It takes only a few minutes to add subtitles for your language. Just let us know which video you wish to use and we'll share a link to allow you to add your subtitles.


If you are interested in doing something else with babelforce content, then contact us at


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