3.3 - Pushing and tagging transferred calls

So far we haven't spent much time discussing our feature for a call transfer. Transferring calls is very easy. You can forward a call to other agents or place it back in a queue. Find out more about the process in this article.

However, it's not enough to do the transfer. Most teams would also like to have the ticket pushed to the agent the call is transferred to. Moreover, most managers want to know how many calls have been transferred to an agent or a queue. Both are possible and we will give you some short hints on how to achieve this. 

First of all, decide if you want to allow your agents to put calls back into a queue (how to enable this feature is explained here) if you only allow forwarding between agents or both. In any case, you will need different Automations to tag and push the call.

For enabling the ticket push on direct transfer, find details in this article. You can use the same logic when tagging calls that are pushed to other agents. 

If you want to tag calls that have been forwarded to a queue, use the event "Call Transferring". Try around to find out how to push the existing ticket to the agent taking the call in the second queue. It's actually very easy.

Alright, this short section rounds up everything on call transfer you need to know to solve this little exercise. 

Our last short section will give you some ideas on how you can automatically send SMS to customers.

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