2.1.3 - Transferred Calls (Calls from Source call transfer)

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Transferring calls between agents is a common use case. This usually happens if a customer is calling and requests to speak to a specific agent knowing her case. Transfers also happen if teams are set up in expert groups. Based on the customer's request, the first-level agent then forwards calls to the specialized agent.

You can transfer calls to other agents or to a queue. It's important to notice that the source "transfer" will only apply if the call is directly forwarded to another agent. If the call is placed back into the queue, the source will stay "queue". So you will only need this integration if your agents are actually forwarding calls to one another. 

In any case, every call transfer is relevant and most managers want to know that a call was transferred. Also, they want to know whether the transfer was made to another agent or a queue. All this information can be printed on tickets.

Let's look at the parameters of transferred calls before we look at two use cases:

  • type = outbound
  • source = transferred
  • domain = internal

Now we can get started with our examples.

1. Updating tickets when calls are transferred to another agent

In our first use case, we want to update the ticket as soon as a call is transferred to another agent. The update should set a tag that indicates that the call was transferred and leave a comment so you know where the customer came from.

This use case is very easy - you don't even need any special Triggers.


You could add a note or comment to the ticket that might look something like this:


Check this short video to see this process in action:

2. Create a ticket for a transferred call on bridged

Now let's take the example of a call that is forwarded to another agent. However, in this case, you don't want to create a ticket for every incoming call per se but you only want a ticket to be created if the transferred call is connected to the agent who is supposed to take it. 

To achieve this, create a Trigger with the source equal to "transfer".


Next, create an Event with the following conditions:


Now, whenever your agents take a transferred call, a ticket will be created.

You can also follow the step-by-step video guide for this process:

That rounds up this section. Next, let's dive into our last great feature: the automated outbound dialer. We'll have a full chapter on this topic, however, in section 2.1.4 of this chapter you will be introduced to the first basics to understand automated dialer calls.

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