How to push data for a dialer call to a Zendesk ticket

Christina Dechent
Christina Dechent
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When you use a babelforce dialer outbound campaign, the agent will automatically see the data you have saved for the lead or contact. This data will appear in real-time in the babelConnect app. 

You can also have the data for a lead be added to a ticket and automatically open the ticket for the agent. 

However, please note that this setup does only work with the legacy Zendesk integration of babelforce (therefore, do not choose "zendesk_v2" from the drop down menu of actions but choose "zendesk").

To set this up, you just need to define the appropriate Automation and use the right Actions. Here is how to do that:

First, create a Trigger that will allow you to check that a call is from the dialer. That will look like this:


If you need to handle tickets separately for different campaigns, then you would extend the Trigger to include a condition like this:


Second, create the Automation to push the ticket. In babelforce Automations view it will look like this:


As you can see, the Trgger created above is used, to make sure that the "Create ticket" Action fires in this case only for the dialer campaign that you specify.

IMPORTANT: note that the ticket is only pushed to the agent when you select the option "Open ticket". It should be set up like this:


Third, specify which lead and campaign data to add to the ticket for the call. 

Inside this event, you can write the data for the lead / contact to the ticket by using expressions. It will look something like this:


In the ticket, this will then look something like the following for the agent:


That's it. You now have a way to send whatever data you like with an outbound dialer call to an agent inside Zendesk.

Did you know that you can download complete set of resources to allow you to setup and manage campaigns, lead lists and other dialer data directly through the API? This is prepared so that a non-developer can do almost anything with the functionality available through the API. Learn all about it here: How to set up and run automated outbound dialer campaigns

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