Installing the babelConnect app in Zendesk

babelforce offers two versions of the babelConnect app in Zendesk. The main difference between the two of them is their location in Zendesk. Version 1 is located on the right side next to the ticket. Version 2 is embedded on the top and can be opened and closed as required. We generally recommend using version 2 because of its higher user friendliness. However, it does not allow for full integration of outbound calls and SMS (hence, using Triggers based on the ticket mode in Zendesk), a feature explained in this article for calls and this article for SMS. If you would like to use that feature, we recommend opting for version 1. Apart from these two versions, you can use the babelConnect Chrome Extension or the standalone app.

Let's have a look at the options:

Version 1

Version 2 (Read version 1 first)

babelConnect Chrome Extension or the standalone app

Version 1:

Watch the video for a quick guide:


babelConnect is the app for agents to use calls, SMS and other communications integrations inside Zendesk.

There are different downloads of the app for different territories. Please download the version for your territory here:

We will assume that you already have the babelforce to Zendesk integration. If not, install that first - here is a description of how to do it.

Note: the app is only usable for an agent who is synchronized already with a user/agent on babelforce.

Ok let's move on to the Zendesk to babelforce integration:

In order to install the app, you will need administrator access to your Zendesk account.

Just do the following:

In Zendesk:

1. login as admin

2. click on settings (the little cog wheel in the bottom left corner)

3. Select Apps > Manage. Select "Upload private App".



Then enter a title/name for the app (e.g. babelConnect or whatever you like) and choose the ZIP file with the app package from your computer and once it is shown as available press "Install".

5. it will show a progress bar "Queued ..."

6. when done, you will have a small settings form that looks like this:


Then click on "Install".

If all goes fine, Zendesk will show some green success messages: "babelConnect installed ..." and "Reloading apps ..."

Now open a ticket view in Zendesk. For example, look at a ticket with a user as requester who has a mobile number.  As long as the right hand side "apps" pane is open you should see the babelConnect app appear there.

Version 2:

The installation of version two works similar to the 1st one. However, we have to use a different ZIP file. Please use this one, if you want to use this version:

babelconnect top bar

Using babelConnect Chrome Extension or standalone babelConnect:

You can use the app in Zendesk on its own and you can also use babelConnect Chrome extension or even babelConnect as a standalone app. Your login as a user with role agent in babelforce will automatically give you access to all three ways to use the app.

For example, if your agents sometimes use another web app, a CRM, ERP, inventory system, portfolio management, e-commerce suite, etc., then if you use babelConnect as Chrome extension, the call and context will travel with you. The call you are in will be maintained as you move from tab to tab and window to window.

Here is information on how to install the babelConnect Chrome Extension

The babelConnect standalone app can be used on its own, as the name suggests. But it is also intended for embedding inside any of your other web applications - you can put it anywhere that allows an iframe or similar embedding approach. That is pretty much anywhere.

Find the link to the territory of your stand-alone babelConnect app in this article. 

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