Getting real-time data feeds on your call processes

Christina Dechent
Christina Dechent
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Any modern call center or unified communications deployment requires that a call event is available instantaneously to another application. We are talking about use cases that use genuine real-time features. If the other application has to query for call event data, then it is by definition not real-time. This is often referred to as the "polling problem": to poll means to query at some type of interval to get data. No matter how short the interval, polling cannot genuinely handle real-time notification.

Every babelforce account provides a Stream API as well our REST API. The Stream API provides a number of "channels" that other applications can subscribe to. Once an application subscribes to a channel, that application will receive a constant stream of notifications. These notifications contain complete data packages for the type of "news" your application has subscribed to.

For example, if you want to display a large screen real-time dashboard in your call center that shows queued calls and which agents are currently on the phone, available, logged in, etc., you just need to tap into the channels for calls and events. If you wish to separate out your displays by specific queue, you would subscribe to the queues channel in addition.



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