Use a transaction to save a phone call-back request

Sometimes you may want to save a data record on babelforce side for a phone callback request. Typically, you would do this for one of 3 reasons:

  1. You are not using babelforce to send callback requests to a CRM, helpdesk or other system of yours.
  2. Even though you are sending callbacks to another system, you also want a record saved on the babelforce platform, in order to check if anything goes wrong, etc.
  3. You want to use the babelforce transaction as a custom Event so that you can automate a process.

This article merely deals with how to create a transaction type (phone callback in this case) and how to save such a transaction.

First, you create a type of transaction: In integrated Processes > Transactions click on "Manage transactions" then "Add", then just fill in the definition and description of your transaction - in this case it is a phone call-back:


Now this transaction type will be available for you to use in actions. For example, if you want to save a phone call-back request in the IVR, you would add an action in the IVR like this:


Note that we have just selected the pre-defined transaction type "Phone call-back requested" that we created in the first step above. The "Message" that we attach is the part that contains any dynamic data. In this case, it includes the caller telephone number, evaluated with {call.from.number}.

Also note that you can use the creation of the transaction as an event under "My Settings > Events". This is to allow you to create your own custom events based on what happens in IVR or while a caller is waiting.

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