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Christina Dechent
Christina Dechent
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Many contact centers want to route calls to specialized groups to optimize their customer support. Specialists are able to solve complex questions faster and increase customer satisfaction. This setup will help you to increase customer satisfaction but it also allows you to save cost as you can have your highly educated agents reserved for the tough cases, while less experienced representatives can gain experience by dealing with the general questions reaching your service.

We want to look at the following use case:

  • Customer calls in and is asked for the call reason
  • Based on the selection, the call is routed to a specialized agent group


To build this scenario with babelforce, you need to prepare a few things before you get started:

  • Sketch the exact call experience for all scenarios (e.g. what happens if the customer presses 4 but you only have a routing plan for the keys 1 - 3?)
  • Make sure to create audio files for your IVR

As always, there are many ways to create such a call flow, but we recommend the following:

Finally, you can also build your own automation (the examples below show Zendesk. However, this is possible for all kind of helpdesks).

There are many more possibilities, just give it a try :)

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