Wrap-up functionality

In this article we want to guide you through the babelforce wrap-up functionality.

What is wrap-up?

Wrap-up is the time each agent has after a call was finished to wrap up the previous phone call. Agents are not available for a call until wrap-up is finished. As you know, you can set the wrap-up time individually by queue in babelforce. If you do not remember how that works, just click here.

The wrap-up functionality in babelforce

It is possible to allow agents to extend and cancel the time they spend in wrap-up. However, admins need to enable this feature in the manager app. To do so, go to Global settings and scroll down to the “Wrapup Permissions”:


 As you can see in the picture, you are able to influence three aspects:

  • allow agents to cancel their wrap-up time
  • allow agents to extent their wrap-up time
  • also, you can define the maximum amount of time an agent can stay in wrap-up after a call (max 300 seconds).

Once you enabled this feature in the manager, agents can use it in the babelConnect app.


Note that making use of the wrap-up time is a great way of improving your agent monitoring and reporting. It tells you exactly how much time the agents need to revise cases after a call.

Perfect, you now know how to make best use of the wrap-up functionality in babelforce. If you are interested in knowing more about the other settings in our Global settings section, we recommend you reading this article.

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