How does an agent make a first outbound call?

1. Basic case: Employee uses their own mobile or landline number as agent phone

Let's start with the simplest case, where your employee/agent has been set up and they just want to use their own mobile or fixed line/landline number as their agent phone.

In this case, the mobile number must be added to the "number" field for this agent. Therefore, go to Routing & queuing > Agents and add the number:



2. Call center agent or Sales team staff case: headphones and computer as agent phone

Many employees will want to receive and make calls using a headphone on their computer. The phone software is often called a "softphone" to distinguish from a hardware "deskphone".

This is the most common working approach for contact center teams and for sales, retention, and account management staff members. In this case, agents need a SIP number which has to be inserted in the "number" field and which is provided by babelforce. The softphone must be provisioned with this SIP number to be able to take calls.


Other phone devices like deskphones

In some cases, employees will use a deskphone, i.e. a normal-looking phone on the desk with its own hardware instead of a softphone on their laptop or computer. In this case, the SIP number must be installed on the deskphone and instead of the call coming in on the softphone, the deskphone will ring.

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