3.2 - Adding audio files to babelforce

Christina Dechent
Christina Dechent
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In many call flows, audio recordings are used. If a call is received outside business hours, a message such as "Sorry, we're closed. Please call back later" is typically played.

Audios for the Call Flow: What's Needed

For our use case, the following audios are required:

  1. A welcome message.
  2. Hold music, which might be interspersed with product promotions.
  3. A notification that is played when a call is connected to an agent.
  4. A message stating no agent is available.
  5. A prompt suggesting the caller try again later.

Please note: if enabled, you have the option to use "Text to speech" (a synthesized voice reading the inputted text, we call it TTS) instead of recorded Audio. Please check with your account manager whether this option is available for you. If you only want to make use of TTS only, make sure to put down a good prompt.

Uploading Procedure for Audio Files

The path:

IVR call-flows > Audio Files

will lead to a list of default audios. To add custom files:

  1. Click to upload audios' in the upper right corner is clicked.
  2. Files in WAV (16-bit) or mp3 format and less than 3MB are ensured to be used.
  3. Files are named descriptively, with potential details like brand or language, such as "DE Welcome."


For those preferring a visual guide, the video tutorial below can be consulted:

With these steps followed, audio management in babelforce is understood.

Triggers will be addressed next.

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