2.0 - Setting up a basic call flow

Now you know the basic elements of the babelforce Manager app so you are ready to start with a basic call flow. It's very easy:

  • A call comes into a queue
  • The customer hears a ring tone
  • The next available agent is selected
  • The call will ring until either the customer hangs up or an agent takes the call

So this is what we are going to build:

In babelforce this means that we're going to do the following:

  • create an agent and make sure he's added to a group 
  • add and set up your queue in a way that the agent you created is connected to this queue
  • create ACD module and edit it: choose the right queue, add queue and agent experience, add after flow
  • connect ACD to a number

You can directly start by using some of the call modules and triggers made available in your babelforce manager app. The next two sections explain step by step what to do.

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