1.5 - Example 3: Create a ticket for every incoming call in your Helpdesk

Christina Dechent
Christina Dechent
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In our last example, we want to introduce you to another very easy integration: Create a ticket for every incoming call. So whenever a call reaches your platform, a ticket is created.

The setup consists of two steps only

  1. Add your integration to babelforce
  2. Create an Automation

1. Step: Add your integration to babelforce

So far, we only created Automations that triggered an Action within babelforce, like sending an email or a text message. However, this time we want to add magic to your Helpdesk. To achieve this, you need to allow babelforce to communicate with your cloud software.

Here are two articles that explain how to integrate Zendesk or Freshdesk in babelforce. The setup procedure is similar for different integrations. Follow these steps and babelforce will be connected to your Helpdesk.

2. Step: Create a ticket for each incoming call




Go to 

Integrated processes > Global automations

and click the "Add" button in the corner to create a new automation.

  • The Automation will happen on Inbound Call.
  • Select the "Create a ticket" Action and make sure it is associated with your Helpdesk.
  • Choose the Trigger "Always".


You can now add some nice and interesting placeholders to your ticket comment, give it a subject, add tags or labels, etc. We have extensive articles that explain all the possibilities for creating tickets for incoming calls, enriching them with more information, and doing other great stuff with them later on (like assigning them to the agent taking the call, etc.). Check them out:

If you prefer to follow a video guide for this process, click the link below:

Now that you learned all about the first magical integrations, let's continue to a little more sophisticated stuff - you will now learn how to create advanced Triggers for building even cooler integrations.

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