0.0 - Automations and Integrations: here we come!

Welcome to chapter 3! 

Before you get started with this chapter, you should be familiar with designing your own call flows, at least some basic ones. But of course, babelforce offers much, much more. You are now entering the magical world of Automations and Integrations.

At the beginning, we are going to introduce you to some theory so you understand the basic concept of how basic automation processes work. If you prefer the practical approach, feel free to skip to the theoretical section of this chapter.

Real time integrations with your system happen in the section "Automations" - and that's where we start:

Next, we'll do some exercises and get you started with some basic Automations. You'll also learn about Expressions and Placeholders. This part of the chapter can also be a great start if you prefer the hands-on approach: 

Our next section focuses on Triggers in Automations by explaining call parameters. As this is very complex and theoretical, we are approaching this topic with many exciting and useful examples. 

The last section gives you time to play - this final section is all about implementing a more complex use case. We'll give you the use case and you try to build it yourself! And to make it not too easy, we won't give you a step-by-step tutorial. Rather, we'll hint you to the right articles and cover some common pitfalls.

Enjoy chapter 3 :). To get to section 1.0 click here.

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