4.2 - Example sheet for audios and why they are so important

This article provides a small example of how you could set up your sheet for keeping track of audio prompts, especially in a multi-brand or multi-lingual environment (we go for multi-lingual here but you could of course just use brands instead). However, before that, let's see why audio files are so important for your call flow and how you should use them:

  1. Improve customer experience: the IVR in general and audio files in specific give the first impression of your business and the service your offering. A call flow that provides a good caller experience conveys professionalism and increases customer trust.
  2. Audio files define the way the customer is led through your call flow and give them all information needed.
  3. Audio files can be added to (nearly) every module in babelforce - make use of that!:
    1. Audio Player
    2. Input Reader
    3. ACD
  4. Note that instead of audio players you can use the babelforce Text to Speech modules. They allow you to define a text and have it read to a customer by a preinstalled voice. You could use them to draft your call flow before adding the final audio files. For more information, head over to this article.

Now, let's move on to the example we want to show you:

The first row will seem very technical right now - later on, it will make total sense. For now, I guess it is more of an overview of how you could organize your prompts.

Besides defining the place the audio prompt is used, make sure to put down the wording - you want to know what your customer hears without having to call your own hotline. And finally, put down the file name. You can freely choose the name of your files but make sure you know which audio is hidden behind which name.

Place in flow Wording English Wording German Filename
1.0 - Welcome (Prompt) Welcome to our service Willkommen! Eng/Ger_Welcome
 2.0 - IVR (Input Reader) Would you like to speak to our Support team? Please press 1. If you would like to speak to one of our sales experts, press 2. For Tech service, please press 3 Möchten Sie gern mit unserem Service Team sprechen, dann drücken Sie die 1. Wenn Sie mit unserem Verkaufs-Team sprechen möchten, dann drücken Sie die 2. Für Tech-Support drücken Sie bitte die 3. Eng/Ger_IVR
 2.0 - IVR (Input Reader) I'm really sorry but I didn't get that. Leider konnte Ihre Eingabe nicht erkannt werden. Eng/Ger_Input_not_recognized
 4.0 - Sorry (Prompt) You are calling outside of our business hours. Check out our website, you can find lots of information about our product there. If you would like to get help, try our help center or just drop us an email. Leider rufen Sie außerhalb der Öffnungszeiten an. Schauen Sie auf unserer Website vorbei, hier finden Sie viele Informationen über das Produkt. Wenn Sie Hilfe brauchen, finden Sie die Antwort bestimmt in unserem Helpcenter. Oder schreiben Sie uns einfach eine E-Mail. Eng/Ger_Outside_hours
3.1 - Queue (ACD) Music A Music B Eng/Ger_wait_music

Now that we are done with this section, you completed the first chapter of the tutorial. Congratulations!

Feel free to leave comments and improvement suggestions.

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