3.0 - Call-flow and Automation to process maps

Now that you know how to describe your call flow with its connection to your CRM/helpdesk. Let's see how to move it to a process map/flow chart.

✹ What to expect:

Throughout our help center, you will find many articles that describe step-by-step how to implement use cases. As you will discover in our Common Setups and Use Case-Section, we link many articles that can help you solve the use cases we introduce there.

Those articles are usually quite technical but most start with a process map that might look something like this:

The aim of this tutorial part is to make you feel comfortable creating such process maps from the written description of your process.

We will introduce you to one open process map standard called BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation), but you can of course use any language or tool you want to map your processes with.

Even though there is nothing forcing you to draw your process, we highly recommend it. These are three reasons why:

  1. Call-flows and automation can get very complex. They usually exceed our capacity which might lead to mistakes and wrong implementations as we lose the overview.
  2. And drawing your process will not only help you with your implementation, but it will also make you rethink your processes and you might want to optimize them.
  3. Even more important, process maps are documentation. If you want to change something in your call flow, later on, visualization will be crucial for you to remember what you implemented maybe a year ago or for any other person to understand how the call flow works.

Therefore, we recommend taking your time and trying to put your processes into process maps. You will get much better as soon as you understand babelforce more.

The next section will introduce the BPMN standard.

If you are not interested in using this processing language, you can directly jump to the section explaining how your descriptions can be translated to a process map.

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