1.0 - Getting started

In this section, we want to introduce you to the things you need to know and consider before building your own first call-flows and automation. This short tutorial will explain the small but important details you need when designing your own telephony processes.

The first part is very basic but challenging: how do I find out what I want and how do I bring this on paper? We will give a few examples how your first call-flow and integration drafts could look like.

Next, in the second part, we give an introduction on how you can draw the processes you put down on paper in the first section. We'll start with a few basic flows and step-by-step you'll learn how to draw them yourselves. We recommend and work with the open process mapping language BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation) but please feel free to use any process language and mapping tool you feel comfortable with.

And the third and last part of this section introduces you to some practical tips on how you find out which audio files (prompts) you will need and how you keep track of them, best. It will also explain the importance of knowing your audio prompts in detail before you get started with building your flow.

Enjoy the first section of the babelforce Tutorial!



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