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Markus Matteucci
Markus Matteucci
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The babelforce team is proud to announce the new babelforce frontend!

With it, many things change, not only the look and feel but you will also get many new features. And don't worry, all the functionalities you are used to will persist. 

In this article, we want to walk you through all the changes - it will be very easy to get used to them.

The new Interface

We changed our entire design. You find a bit more color, larger pictographs that make it easier to navigate, you can switch to a full screen view and a dark mode.


New names and new sections

A major change are the new names. 

The table below gives you an overview and explains why we decided to implement them.

New Name

Old Name



Call Flows  Applications IVR call-flows We haven't been happy with the name of this section. Application is a very general term, used in many places and we had been thinking of renaming it for some time. And now we did and we think it makes much more sense. In this section, the main thing you do is building call flows. So that's the name we are going for in the future.
Audios Prompts IVR call-flows Our naming "Prompt" for your IVR announcements and music has always been a bit confusing so we decided to go for the obvious: Audios.
Automations Events Integrated Processes A major adjustment was made when it comes to our formerly known "Events". We must confess, it was never quite clear what "Events" means. Criticism accepted, the section is now called "Automations" - which describes much better what you can do here. You automate your processes by creating records, finding information about the caller, etc. 

Additionally, we created quite a few new sections that will make it easier to use babelforce. All is summarized in the next table:

New Section Name



Agent groups Routing & Queuing In the old interface, you had to go to Agents to view all available groups. We thought this to be a bit confusing. So now you can access groups in the same section as Agents.
Hopper Outbound Also for Outbound Dialer we got a new section. You always had the possibility to view the hopper of your campaigns, now it's much easier.
Simple Reporting Reporting We proudly present: Simple reporting. Already last year, we introduced this new endpoint, only accessible via API that allows you to view a single entry by call, including metrics. 
Transactions Reporting And finally, we got one more new sections. It returns, just like Recordings and SMS, all available transactions. In the old interface, you only had one section, combining both, the setup and the overview of all transactions.

More changes and features

When you start using the new babelforce manager, you will discover a number of great new features that will make using babelforce much easier. For instance, if you go into the Audio section, you will see that you can now also download the files again. 

We will not list every single new feature, they are self-explanatory in most cases. However, here we want to point you to the most decisive changes that will also make your lives much easier.

New Call Flow views

We now offer three different call flow views:

  • The list view
  • The neighborhood view
  • The map view

When you open the Call flows section,  you will notice three new pictographs next to the header. They enable you to toggle between these three flow views.


To briefly explain each of these sections:

The simple view is the call flow manager you are used to. It is an exact copy of the current manager so there is not much to add.

The neighborhood view shows which modules flow in and out of a module. You are even able to edit any incoming or outgoing module from the base module:


And finally, our map view. babelforce is very proud to present our first call flow visualization. Each number you connect to your flow is considered an entry point and we will show all modules that the caller will pass when calling this particular number. You can also edit the modules right from the map view.

Even more exciting, you even have the possibility to edit queue settings from within this view.



The new interface allows you to sort most of the categories by columns. This will make it much easier to handle your automations and call flow modules.

Creating new call flow modules, queues and triggers

Any advanced babelforce user will love this feature: from within any relevant call flow module, you are now able to create new modules and even triggers or queues. Where ever you see this little plus (highlighted in the screenshot below) you can now add the matching element.


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