4.3.0 - Integrating your dialer campaign in your CRM

Now that you learned all about setting up and running dialer campaigns, you probably want to know how babelforce can automatically add a call record or a note to your CRM.

In our earlier tutorials, we already introduced you to the world of Triggers and Events which create notes and records in your CRM. If you are not familiar with babelforce manager app, yet, we suggest you go back to tutorial 2.

To add call records for every connected dialer call is easy. Create a trigger that always fires on 

  • Call Source is equal to dialer

Then create a global event that always fires on "Call bridged." Add the trigger you created and connect the event with your CRM or helpdesk.

Now comes the exciting part: we want to add relevant information to the campaign record.

Let's start with the easy fields

Friendly name Placeholder
Name of the campaign {obd.campaign.name}
Name of the list the customer was on {obd.list.name}
Customer Name {enduser.name}
Number Called {call.to.number}

These are some of the variables that come by default and you can use them wherever you want.

There are many more variables that can become relevant to you. For instance, each campaign, list and and lead has a unique id - this might be relevant for your process. Also, there are options to print the alternative phone numbers that were uploaded with your lead list as well as the call count.

To make this less abstract, we will show you a couple of examples in our next section.

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