CRM automation triggerd with IVR/ call-bots

It is usual for customers to call a service hotline and that at the beginning of the call they are asked by an IVR to leave their customer ID, email address or invoice number. Now it would seem as if the call center agent answering the call knows which customer is calling but often that's not the case. Rather, customers have to repeat their personal details again once connected to a representative, wondering why.

Wouldn't it be great if the input was actually processed and used to have the agent recognize the customer the moment they are connected? Of course it would be and it is possible.

Let's look at this technical use case in detail:

With babelforce, you have a great range of possibilities when it comes to processing IVR input. Imagine, a customer is calling your service hotline. You check in your CRM whether or not the caller is known based on the calling number. If your CRM returns that the number is known, you can directly attach the ticket to the customer account and place the caller in your wait queue.

However, if the calling number is unknown, you guide the calling customer to an IVR, requesting a customer id. She enters her ID, babelforce sends the id to your CRM and based on the invoice number, the CRM can identify the caller. It returns details like email address, mobile number, internal id, etc to babelforce. Based on this information, babelforce in return can now do some awesome magic and for instance assign the ticket to the account of the caller.



  • Setup a call flow that checks if the caller is known in your CRM or not
  • Create an IVR that asks the customer for a customer ID
  • Use a lookup to check the entered number against your CRM
  • Use an update to have the tickets assigned to the user account
  • Push the ticket to the agent

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