SMS, email or callback from IVR

Most services have to fight with resource shortages. Automation is a great way to address these issues. It mainly helps with getting rid of repetitive tasks - it gives your staff the possibility to focus on the really important and complex issues.

In this use case we want to look at a very exciting scenario that gives you a great range of possibilities to take away unnecessary work from your team.

Imagine, you have a customer calling in. The IVR asks the customer for the call reason. She selects "Delivery" and confirms that she wants to know her tracking number. There is no need for her to talk to an agent: babelforce will detect if she called on a mobile. If she did, she receives a text message with the tracking link. Otherwise, babelforce will send an email. In case babelforce detects that she is a VIP customer or her details are unknown, your team can give her a callback.

babelforce can easily integrate with your CRM or database. At the beginning of the call, based on the callers phone number, babelforce receives information about the caller like name, email address, segmentation, etc. from your CRM. After the customer gave her input to the IVR, babelforce matches this input with the available data in your CRM database, or in this example it's the most recent tracking number. It's easy to send this information to the customer, either via SMS or email.



Technical implementation

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