Phone book

babelforce comes with a phone book that allows you to add contacts. Those added contacts will appear when agents click in the "Call to" field in babelConnect app.


You have two options to add contacts: Either you enter them manually in our babelforce manager app or you can upload your contacts via API. Both options we will explain in this article.

Adding numbers via babelforce manager

Go to Configurations > Phonebook and select "Create Entry"

Click on "Create Entry" and leave the name of the contact as well as the phone number (International format).

To Adjust an entry, click either on the label or the number. Confirm the change with the check mark.


Managing phone numbers via API

We also have an API endpoint that allows you to mange all your phonebook entries through an external client or app.

Using the request method GET you can retrieve all available addresses from the phone book. You can also use the POST method to create new addresses:

"number": "+49123456789",
"label": "myLabel_124"

 or make use of PUT and DELETE to change or delete by using the address ID.

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