Onboarding checklist for managers and agents



To Do


Confirm babelforce account (help desk Article)
Rest babelforce password (help desk Article)
Login babelConnect 

If you use Browser Phone, you can ignore this section.

Install and setup Softphone or setup hard phone (help desk article).

In case you are using a provisioned Bria, no setup is needed but you need to install Bria after receiving a notification (you can also download it from this page).

Setup audio device & microphone on your computer and if applicable in your softphone.



Taking calls

Make sure Bria always starts automatically in the background with the computer
Make sure Windows popups or Mac notifications are enabled
Adjust agent presence to "available" (help desk article).
When a call comes in it must be accepted via Bria Stretto (help desk video).
If setup, ticket will be pushed when call is connected (this article is for admins setting up babelforce)
In babelConnect you see from which queue the call comes
In babelConnect you see the calling number
In the ticket you see the wait time and other interesting facts about the caller if setup by your admin
When away from work space, availability must be changed to a busy status to avoid that babelforce continues forwarding calls to agent.



Making calls

Outgoing calls are initiated via babelConnect
Open ticket with customer's request - if using Zendesk, the number will automatically be filled out in the babelConnect "call to" field (help desk article).
Select Display As number (will be saved unless you clean your browser's cache) (see article here)
If enabled, outgoing call will be logged in ticket or create a new record (article for admins with the example of Zendesk).



Transferring calls

To transfer calls, always use babelConnect
When connected to a call, you can transfer calls to other colleagues who are available


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