What is the Line-status?

The Line-status is something rather technical but it is important to understand when monitoring your agents: the line-status indicates whether or not an agent is available for a call (in case the Presence status is also switched to available). 

Agent's don't have direct influence on this status, they cannot select it from a drop-down menu like the presence status. However, certain actions trigger the a line-status. For instance, if an agent is taking a call, the line-status is "in-call". If an agent actively declines a call, the line status is "declined". 

This list shows you all available line-statuses and when they apply

 Name line-status  Description  Further information
available In this status, agents are ready to receive calls Agents only receive calls if their Presence status is also "Available"
ringing  This status indicates that an agent is being called   
in-call  Agents with the status in-call are currently connected to a call (usually they will be talking to a customer)  
wrap-up The time agents have before being put back on line-status "available" after a call wrap up can be defined in babelforce manager app in each queue.
originated Status when agent is selected to be called  
busy  The platform tries to connect to agent but receives a "busy" signal from the agent's device This status should only happen when you use a soft- or hardphone. It will occur if agents make or take calls via the soft- or hardphone and don't use the babeConnect app for calling out/ accepting calls
declined  The platform forwarded a call to an agent but the agent actively rejected the call Agents have to click on the "reset" button to receive another call. Otherwise their line-status will stay in "declined" until the maximum time was reached. This maximum time is defined in Global Settings.
unreachable  The platform tries to connect to agent but receives an "unreachable" signal from the agent

If you use a soft- or hardphone, the device might be turned off or male functioning.

If you are using Browser Phone, this status indicates that the registration is not working.




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