2.1 - Agent to groups and to queue

The first steps to set up your call flow are: 

  • creating an Internal Agent and ensuring the agent is added to a group
  • setting up or modifying a queue

When you open your babelforce manager app for the first time, there will be no agent added to your account. Find out more about adding agents in a previous tutorial. Best you add an agent with your email address for testing purposes, first.

The new agent will automatically be added to the group _all. If you want, you can add the agent to another group. That's how it works:

  • Go to the Agents sub-section
  • In the top-bar, left-hand side, you see the fields Agents and next to it Groups - click on Groups
  • Now in the little box below the existing group enter the name of the new group and click +Add
  • To add agents to this group, click on manage
  • From the little box on the left hand, you can select each agent that should go into the group
  • If you return to the agent overview you will see which groups the agent is added to


Now go to your queue overview. As default, there will be one queue added already: 

You can edit the queue (find more details about possible queue settings in this article) and add agents as already discussed in section 1.4.

Make sure you add the right group. For instance, in the video above, we added a group called "test group". Only three out of four agents were added. This means, if you add the "test group" as queue selection, only those three agents will receive calls. So keep this in mind when setting up your selections.

Now we can finally go to the next section and actually create (or edit, depending on your account) the application modules for your flow.

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