Nurturing high value opportunities

In most business you have to ensure that you keep in touch not only with your customers but also with your future clients, the opportunities that might decide over the future of your company. Especially the nurturing of those opportunities that are of high value can be key.

Talking to those possible clients regularly to inform them about updates to your product but also to learn whether or not they are still interested in your service is important. However, the challenge is to keep track of all these leads. Maybe in your CRM you can sort your customers by "latest date called" but what if a sales agent forgot add a call log or did not say what the call outcome was? In any case you would need to screen your system manually.

With babelforce, you have the possibility to automate all these processes. Even better, you can have calls scheduled automatically. This way you can be sure that your sales agents are always engaged in those important calls and will also receive all relevant information as soon as the call connects.

It is obvious, babelforce will also place a call record and the call outcome in your CRM and offer your sales experts space to leave further notes attached to the call event.



What you will need to do in babelforce:

  • Talk with the babelforce team to create an automatic uploader but you can already familiarize yourself with the possibilities by reviewing this article
  • You should setup an automated outbound dialer campaign to automatically call your customers - if it's the first time you work with an automated dialer, feel free to read more on the topic in general or more practical terms.
  • Think about possible call outcomes and define them in your system (for instance: customer will bye within the next two weeks, customer wants a callback tomorrow morning at 10:00 am, etc.)

You should keep in mind that some of your leads might call your service back. Build your inbound call flow for all leads that get back to you to ensure to forward them to a sales agent who talked to them previously or knows the lead account.

The system of record integration:

  • This article explains how to push data from an outbound campaign to a ticket.




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