Dynamic offering of integrated calls on website

Imagine you visit a company's support web page. You have an urgent issue you need to have solved asap.

The first thing you see is a web form and you think "Gosh, not another web form, I'll never get a response on that". You just give in and type your problem into the form. But suddenly, something is different. You see a little gearwheel and a few seconds later you are either offered to talk to an agent via chat or to be connected to a representative via phone. You don't even need to use your own phone, your browser allows you to connect to the service immediately, all you need is a head set.

You are curious so you click on the telephone icon. Immediately, you are connected to an agent who knows exactly what your problem is and can help you.

And in case no agent is available? The system will not allow you to use the browser phone but gives you an estimated time at which you will be called back. All you need to do is leave your number to be scheduled for the next call.

The same counts for the chat: if no agent is available to take the chat you won't even be offered this option. This way, you as a customer know exactly what to expect.


This dynamic offering of channels is a great feature that gives your customers the best experience to get in touch with your company. It does require some setting up of systems but you are actually able to achieve this with the help of babelforce.

As this is a rather personalized setup depending on your website and chat program you are using, you will have to get in touch with the babelforce team to discuss details. Nevertheless, let me give you a short overview how this integration could be achieved: 

  • API integration of your website, your chat program and babelforce
  • Integrate a browser phone (webRTC) in your website
  • Create a standard inbound call-flow
  • Automatically add call-back requests to your uploader and feed them to your outbound dialer call-back list
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