Call-backs for waiting customers

It is not always possible to serve all customers who call your hotline.

The reasons for this are manifold but to boil them down to two main factors:

  • The call volume spikes unexpectedly (it can be caused by a marketing campaign, technical challenges but also just by not quantifiable coincident)
  • Staffing challenges (sickness, leave, etc.)

This can result in long wait times and therefore unhappy customers. Whatever the reason, poor service never reflects well on your product.

But there are easy ways to make your customers happy again which also offer your service more flexibility and enable you to plan better with available resources.

One was to counter this problem are call-backs.

Put yourself in the shoes of a customer. Imagine you call a hotline. After two minutes of waiting you get the option to be called back by one of the service representatives. You select this option and within three minutes, you receive a call from the service you tried to reach unsuccessfully before. Your issue is solved within the minute.

What happens on the business side? All your agents are in a call. Waiting customers request a call-back. Every call-back request is directly scheduled in your Automatic Outbound Dialer system without any manual interaction. As soon as your agents are no longer in a call (or maybe you decide to have members from other teams take over this task) the dialer connects automatically to the available representative who gets all user information pushed in her system of record. The customer's request can easily be solved now.




To setup this use case, you need both an inbound call-flow and Outbound Dialer Campaigns with an automatic uploader. For the outbound dialer part you will need to familiarize yourself with some third party software like Postman to handle API requests.

The inbound flow:

  • First, setup queues and add as many agents as you want
  • Make sure to setup a call flow that includes a call-back option - all you need is an Input Reader with a Switch
  • If you want you can also update your ticket or log in your helpdesk to reflect the request

Automatic uploader and dialer:

  • To setup the automatic uploader, get in contact with the babelforce team
  • Find out more about the automated outbound dialer campaign here
  • If it's the first time you work with an automated dialer, feel free to read more on the topic in general or more practical terms.



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