Customer retention

Any subscription service knows these challenges: customers are cancelling the service, move to competition or are no longer interested in the product. Therefore, a central part of all B2C subscription services is to get in touch with former customers and try to convince them to sign up again. Newsletter, voucher or personalized emails can sometimes bring a customer back, however, many services decide to talk to their former customers directly. This direct communication channel is much more personalized and is often the right way to convince customers about the benefits of the product or services. Moreover, companies can learn from the direct feedback.

However, finding the right customer and using the matching sales pitch can be a weary task: going through all data manually, calling again and again without being connected to someone - this is costly and inefficient. Also, sales agents have less chance to close a deal.

Therefore, it makes sense to use automated outbound dialer that call customers and connect to the sales expert only if the call was successfully connected. And there is much more that you could be doing: you could add churning customer to your list of churned contacts in real-time - without any manual work. Imagine: you could call a customer just a few minutes after he or she cancelled the subscription! The success to get the customer back would increase by a lot.

babelforce offers such solutions and gives you many possibility for more automation. For instance, you can have the call-outcome directly added to each call, have information about the customer pushed to the agent and have backend-links to the user account made readily available for the sales agent to complete the deal.


This is how you could make this happen with babelforce:

  • You should setup an automated outbound dialer campaign. This allows you to call a list of customers without the manual work. If it's the first time you work with an automated dialer, feel free to read more on the topic in general or more practical terms.
  • Think about possible call outcomes and define them (for instance: customer didn't want to sign up again, customer does not want to be called again)
  • For integrating an automated data upload, feel free to get in touch with the babelforce team. We are happy to assist.

You should keep in mind that customers probably call your service back. Build your inbound call flow for all call-backs and ensure that those calls are clearly visible in your system. So in case your customer service is answering these calls they should know that they are talking to a customer who just churned and might want to be reactivated.

Pushing data to the sales expert

  • This article explains how to push data from an outbound campaign to a ticket. You can add, just as in any inbound case, as much information to a ticket as you wish and as you feel necessary.
  • We also offer the possibilities to add links to babelConnect. This way, agents can easily access backend accounts, vouchers or survey created for each successful call.



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