Implementing a call-back feature

Do you want to offer your customers the possibility to request a call-back? No problem!

However, before you continue reading, make sure you are familiar with Input Readers and Switches.

The video below explains step-by-step how a call-back can be implemented. It features the following scenario:

  • A customer calls your hotline
  • No agents are available
  • After x seconds, the customer is offered to be called back
  • The customer wants to be called back and confirms by pressing 1
  • As soon as the call-back is confirmed an email is send out

Of course, call-back requests can also be pushed as ticket update. Instead of adding a local action to email event, select your integration and update the ticket as soon as the customer confirms the call-back. You could add a tag, adjust the subject or add an internal note (for instance).

Watch this video for more details:


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