Postman collections

Postman is a tool for testing and exploring APIs. It also allows configuration of collections of API requests that can be run together.

babelforce provides a number of prepared Postman collections so that you can start using the different API scopes quickly. The links are gathered together here in this article:


Postman collection for babelforce outbound dialer and campaigns

You can download the ZIP file of the collection here:

And here is an article on how to use postman API requests to setup and run outbound dialer campaigns and lists.

This outbound dialer collection includes API requests to do things like:

  • Create campaigns and lists, link the list to the campaign
  • Upload leads or contact entries to a list
  • Edit/delete contact entries
  • Retrieve call attempts already made in a campaign
  • Retrieve current lead/contact statuses
  • Retrieve current campaign status
  • Retrieve current hopper, i.e. the set of contacts/leads loaded already in a campaign ready to dial
  • And many more useful API requests


Postman collection for main admin account manager API scope

You can download the ZIP file here:

This main admin/manager collection includes API requests for things like:

  • Get details of agents in your account
  • Create/edit agents
  • Get details of calls, messages, recordings, sessions and other interaction records
  • Get call flow applications details, triggers, event triggers and other no-code automation objects
  • Create/edit objects in your account
  • Initiate calls and send SMS messages
  • And many more things ...

Postman collection for the agent API scope

You can download the ZIP file here:

The API requests in this collection are those accessible by a user authenticated as an agent. It is a reduced and specific scope only for that role.

This agent collection includes API requests for things like:

  • Get a token for an agent using login credentials
  • Get current status, current session, etc.
  • Perform actions through the API as babelConnect app for agents does
  • And more ...




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