'Whisper transfer' - pass audio information to agents

Serving multiple brands or different languages with an overlapping set of agents? No problem, babelforce offers the possibility to add "whispering" to the agent's call flow. Before agents hears the customer, the system can tell them from which brand or country the caller reached them. This way they can adjust their introduction accordingly. Let me show you how.


Some people call you for "Brand 1" and some for "Brand 2". As well as putting that data into the ticket or CRM popup for the agent, you can also play a short audio file to the agent when they accept the call. So the agent might hear "brand one" in their ear. This is called a "whisper" or "whisper transfer" to the agent.

What you need

  • Prompts (i.e. short audio files with brand name or other sound you want the agent to hear as "whisper")
  • 2 application modules

First, upload as many whisper prompts as you need - for each brand or country one audio file. If possible, make them shorter than one second. The longer the audio file the more time the connection takes. Conversely the shorter the audio file the more efficient the queuing, selecting and routing to agents will work.

Upload the prompts in the "IVR call flows > Prompts" section in your babelforce manager account.

Next, you want to create an application module of type Agent Queue Experience (AQE). Under Prompts tab in that module, select the audio file for the brand or country you want to use this module for. By default, babelforce provides a short beep as chime for agent. In case you are recycling an existing AQE, just replace the audio file.


Finally, you need an Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) module to have a wait queue experience for the customer. In the section App scroll down to "Agent Experience". Here you link the module you created the step before and DONE :). Just repeat this for all queues you have and agents will always know for which brand or from which country customers are calling.


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