Agent gets account disabled message in babelConnect


The problem:

A user/agent tries to login and sees the following in babelConnect:



The issue:

The problem with the agent is that the agent never accepted the first invite email to confirm OR the invite and verification did not get processed at that time. The user email did however exist from the moment it was added as an agent/user email address in babelforce. This means that the person can set a password using "I forgot my password". However, they will not be able to access agent functionality since they did not accept the agent invite.

This is what gives the "account disabled" error when the user tries to login.


The solution:

First check if the original invite email is actually in the person's inbox, spam or other folder. If so, then the person can click on the "Accept invitation" link. If the link has not expired (which usually it will not for quite a long time), then this should already solve the issue. 

The person can try to login again to babelConnect and it should work.

If that does not work:

Delete the agent in babelforce "Agents" view. Then add the agent directly in babelforce or sync the agent from a source (e.g. a CRM or a helpdesk like Zendesk or Freshdesk). Either way, the email is added for a user and an invite should be sent.

Then check that the person gets the invite email with an accept link. If they don't get the email, then there is most likely an issue receiving emails from babelforce (check spam folders etc. first to be sure).

If they do get the agent invite email, then the person should accept the invite and then use "I forgot password" to reset password from babelConnect.

If still not working:

Then this can only occur because the email address is known as a user, even after you delete the agent, and so they are not invited again.

In this case, replace the agent's email with an alias, e.g. maybe also has or if you are on google mail then or something similar will work. And then repeat the deletion of agent, re-sync from Zendesk. This should definitely send the invite.


Further info on babelConnect:

Side note that babelConnect is available in different ways (just in case, you are need a separate or use browser phone (webRTC) to login):

standalone web app:


{region|env} is replaced with us-east, ap-southeast or nothing or other depending on the domain of our babelforce account. However, in our newest release, you can log into any region and switch to different regions by using the region switch.

Chrome extension: 

Read more about the Chrome extension here:

And you might also have babelConnect inside an app for a specific CRM or Helpdesk


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