Import and sync agents from Freshdesk

This article explains how to import your agents from Freshdesk to your babelforce account. Note that we also refer to this as "sync" agents, because, the agents you import have their Freshdesk ID added to the babelforce agent that is created. This is the key to being able to automate processes to deliver calls to that agent, assign tickets to the agent automatically and many more workflows.

If you haven't yet added your Freshdesk integration - do that first as described in the following article: Add your babelforce Freshdesk integration.

All you have to do is press the "manage" button on your Freshdesk integration in babelforce. 


Then you'll see all the agents that can be imported from your Freshdesk account:  



Just select the agents you want to import and press "Synchronize Users". It will then add all the agents to the babelforce agent set.

If any of the agents you try to add clashes with an existing agent that you created in babelforce, you will get a little warning. This will often be because the phone number or the email of the specific agent is not unique in babelforce. These clashing agents will then NOT be synchronised. You can then decide to fix the clash either by changing the agent already in babelforce or the agent in Freshdesk.


Next steps: Each new agent/user will be invited at the email address that came from Freshdesk. So each agent just needs to request a password reset for that agent/user email address.




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