Release: 18th Jan 2018


This release contains the first of a series of deployments where we are exposing to customers some of the more powerful integration capabilities that previously were only available to babelforce technical teams.

You can now directly add your own APIs and third-party APIs.

Extended authentication available now in Integrations

We have just released the capability to self-configure different standard authentication approaches. Up to now, it was necessary to implement a bespoke integration to deal with additional authentication mechanisms. 

In babelforce Integrations, you'll see that you can add a custom integration, where you will see that there are numerous options to use basic and oauth2 standard authentication approaches. For example it looks something like this:



SugarCRM added as a pre-built integration

We are also providing pre-built templates for adding a number of common integrations. For example, you can add a SugarCRM integration now to allow you to receive babelforce raw event data using a module in your system.

Adding the integration looks like this:



It is now possible to add practically any integration using different authentication methods. If you want to look into adding a specific REST API then let us know at


Adding user sync, events and actions for your APIs

You'll notice that we have placeholders in the Integrations user interface for user import and synchonization methods, events and actions for each integration. 

If you want to sync your employees from another API, either your own internal APIs or a public API, or an API from one of your suppliers, then let us know at 

Similarly if there is an request you would like to be able to do on an API (e.g. in CRM, ERP, a helpdesk or ticketing solution, an inventory system, ... anything), then it is possible to add any number of pre-built actions and then trigger them using babelforce no-code automation.






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