How to achieve full Zendesk integration for outbound calls

babelforce comes with many inbound call Events already preconfigured to achieve deep integration with Zendesk. But ticketing actions can also be triggered with Events concerning outbound calls.

In order to set up this functionality in your account, you will need to make sure a couple of elements are configured. 

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Here are 3 Events which will look up an end-user in Zendesk and then create a new ticket or append information to an existing ticket when an outbound call is made:

These Events will make use of a few triggers, so let's have a quick look at them as well:



The triggers will be selected in the applications, so it is easier to create these first and have them ready.

The first one will determine that the call leg being tested for is that initiated by the agent by clicking within the babelConnect app:

The second also checks for this leg, but additionally will only fire if the user has selected 'Create Ticket' as the call mode in babelConnect:

The last trigger does the same check but only fires if the mode was 'Append to ticket' for an outbound call:


End-user lookup

The first Event is a very simple one. All it does is perform a look-up action to see if there is matching Zendesk end-user with the number dialed:

Create ticket

The second event creates a ticket using the second trigger we made above – i.e. for the 'create' mode case:

General tab


Comment tab

Ownership tab


Tags tab

Update ticket

And the last event will append something to a ticket, only happening if the 'append' trigger fires:

General tab


Comment tab

Ownership tab


Tags tab


Note: If your account was created before 04.10.16 you will need to create all the above elements. For those created after this point, you will already have the first 2 Events and triggers. The Event to update or append information to a ticket will need to be created along with its trigger.



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