16th Nov - New babelConnect app for some Zendesk customers

Our latest version of the babelConnect app went live in the Zendesk marketplace on Tues 15th November 2016. For most customers using different versions of the babelConnect app in Zendesk, they will see no change.

It can happen that for some customers using an older version of the Zendesk babelConnect app, that they see an automated update. This will show a login page inside the babelConnect app - it will look something like this:

To make use of the new version, you simply need to click on "I forgot my password". You will receive an email to confirm and that will open a password reset page on the main babelforce services site. Just set a password and then login with your new password to the babelConnect app in Zendesk, the app will look like this:

Note that the new app automatically comes with all features available in the babelFlex plan, this does not involve an upgrade of your plan. You can decide whether to stay on an existing plan like babelForYou, but you will get the opportunity to test out the features in babelFlex in any case. 

The new app also gives access to a lot of new configuration capabilities from the latest releases of the babelforce platform. Contact us at support@babelforce.com if you want to find out more about these.

Here you can find details of some of the latest capabilities on the platform, many of which influence what agents can do and see from within the new babelConnect.

If you wish to use the old version of the app, then you can download the old babelConnect app from here. The platform will still support the older version for some time to come. Here you can find detailed instructions to install and setup the old app

For anyone who got the update in their account unexpectedly, we apologise for any inconvenience caused. It was intended as an opt-in release, but for some accounts using the older app from the marketplace, it was updated automatically.












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